June 10, 2019

How great customer service can turn a customer’s problem into a loyal relationship.

There is nothing more frustrating than having issues with your account and not being able to solve them. At ePerformax, we are partners with our clients, and we are in this together. We hire the best of the best, so, if a customer experiences a problem with their account– we are on it!

This letter to our client’s CEO was recently shared with our ePerformax team:

“So often, CEOs only hear the bad feedback, so I wanted to share with you how after several months trying to resolve issues I have been having with my account after moving from India to Australia, an ePerformax agent solved my problems. 
He listened carefully, showed great empathy, was thorough in his approach and tenacious about getting to the root cause. This ePerformax agent not only resolved my problem but also restored my faith in customer service.”

This letter is just one example of the customer experience excellence ePerformax Customer Support Consultants provide every day. Customer service is not about meeting minimum expectations, it’s about exceeding them– and that is exactly what we do at ePerformax. 

Does your customer service outsourcer exceed your customers’ expectations, or do they leave your customers frustrated with your company?  If you’re ready to create loyal relationships with your customers, give us a call today, and we’ll share how we’re helping companies like yours deliver customer service that increases brand loyalty.

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