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At ePerformax, we offer an exciting and competitive compensation package that includes our Pay-for-Performance and Pay-for-Progress programs designed to reward top performers through bonuses and increased pay for certification from management training courses. Our list of benefits provides our employees with essential health benefits and wellness programs, paid leaves, mobile phones, allowances for meals and transportation, and loan programs.

In addition to offering attractive starting salaries, we take our compensation one step further with our Pay-for-Performance Compensation Plan! To inspire the superior performance, we believe in rewarding our employees for meeting or exceeding the requirements of their position. The Pay-for-Performance plan includes a bonus plan whereby you can earn up to a 100% semi-monthly bonus and a progressive compensation plan that rewards employees for meeting or exceeding specific performance targets.

ePerformax has worked hard to develop management training programs that allow every
employee of our company to have the chance to grow in management and leadership if they
so desire. That's not to say that we will have a management position for everyone interested.

However, it is appropriate to say that our goal is to hire 95% of our management staff from
within the company. Our Pay-for-Progress program rewards employees with an opportunity
to participate in management training for maintaining solid performance and demonstrating
a passion for their jobs. Anyone may interviewed to join the program and, upon certification, the employee will receive an increase in their base salary. Upon completion of the entire management training track the employee will have increased his or her base pay by 15% and is eligible to be interviewed and be given priority for the next open management position.

At ePerformax, we offer you FREE Global Communications Training. By global communications we mean the level of English that international customers can understand and listen to without feeling distracted or asking the dreaded question, "Where are you?" At our Global Communications & Management Academy, you'll get the training you need to become a customer service professional and meet the opportunities and challenges of the global customer service & BPO business.

You can earn an additional bonus for perfect attendance.

Through our medical and dental benefit program you can not only take care of yourself, but you can include your dependents too. ePerformax also offers Health & Wellness programs for your well-being, including a doctor onsite for free consultations and annual physical checkups.

ePerformax provides company issued mobile phones with postpaid lines (for qualified accounts).

The leaves offered include: vacation, sick, maternity and paternity - and if you don't use them, you can convert them to cash!

We offer a generous Meal & Transportation Allowance for every day that you report to work.

We offer Emergency Loans for special circumstances and situations, as well as an Employee Loan Program that is provided by third-party banks to provide additional support for any of your financial needs.