Why You'll Love Our Team

At ePerformax, we offer an exciting and competitive compensation package that includes our Pay-for-Performance and Pay-for-Progress programs designed to reward top performers through bonuses and increased pay for certification from management training courses. Our list of benefits provides our employees with essential health benefits and wellness programs, paid leaves, mobile phones, allowances for meals and transportation, and loan programs.

In addition to offering attractive starting salaries, we take our compensation one step further with our Pay-for-Performance Compensation Plan! To inspire the superior performance, we believe in rewarding our employees for meeting or exceeding the requirements of their position. The Pay-for-Performance plan includes a bonus plan whereby you can earn up to a 100% semi-monthly bonus and a progressive compensation plan that rewards employees for meeting or exceeding specific performance targets.

At ePerformax we'll focus on your career development within the first six months. Once you begin your Product Specific Training for your client's program, you can apply for our Leadership Evolution & Advancement Program. Through LEAP you'll have access to all the training you need to prepare you to take the next step in your career and put you on the path to becoming a leader.

At ePerformax we work hard, but we have fun too. Through our Fan Club you can participate in exciting events and activities, as well as, share your passion and talents with others by joining a Hobby Club. These clubs include: sports, photography, gaming, writing, cooking, dancing, singing, exercise and more! Don't see one that interests you? Start your own!

In the BPO industry, you may sometimes have trouble finding the time to pay your bills during the day. Other times you might need a laundry service to wash your clothes, or help finding a place to live or a ride to work. And then there are those times when you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to. At ePerformax our Concierge Team is here to support you so you can focus on your performance and your career.

With Bankit@eP, for every year of service with ePerformax, you'll receive 3 times your years of service in Flex Days as our anniversary bonus to you. On your first anniversary with ePerformax, you'll receive 3 Flex Days. On your second anniversary, you'll receive 6 Flex Days. We will keep adding 3 Flex Days each year up to a maximum of 21 Flex Days, which you'll receive on your 7-year anniversary. Then, you'll receive 21 Flex Days every year thereafter. Flex Days are designed to give you greater schedule flexibility when you run out of sick days and vacation days. With the Bankit@eP Program, the longer your tenure, the greater your flexibility. It's our way of saying thank you for your loyalty.