A Premium Blend to Maximize Your Career

The Global Communications & Management Academy (GCMA) is a sister company of ePerformax with a vision to maximize the potential of each and every employee by providing the training for you to become a customer service professional and prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of the global customer service & BPO business.

Global Communications Effective global communications is one of the most important challenges of our times. The past two decades have seen the birth of technological advances and interpersonal communication has taken on a whole new meaning as we communicate with customers across the globe via the phone and internet. Professionals capable of critical thinking and communication on a global scale are in increasing demand especially in the customer service environment. And the GCMA was created to help Filipinos develop and master global communications and deliver superior customer services for global clients.

Management Training In today's global customer service world, successful leaders are able to work effectively well beyond the span of control granted by their job description. They make the right things happen at the right time by gaining commitment and consensus from diverse individuals to ensure world-class customer service for clients. The GCMA equips customer service professionals with the communications skills and the leadership know-how needed to strengthen their current development and build their future career in customer service. And every trainee learns our proprietary management process, called Performance Maximization, which provides a road map for new and experienced leaders to deliver exceptional performance and extraordinary results.